Blo Norton Hall

Blo Norton Hall, a stunning, moated house dating back to the sixteenth century, is located in the pretty south Norfolk village of Blo Norton. The village itself lies on the Little River Ouse which separates Suffolk from Norfolk. It is surrounded by quiet lanes, ideal for walking, cycling and painting and is close to Redgrave and Lopham Fen. The Hall provided the setting for Virginia Woolfs’ short story, The Journal of Miss Joan Martyn. In the story, the main character, Rosamond Merridrew, is a historian researching Englands’ land tenure system. One day, she comes across a forgotten manor house and pays a call to investigate meeting the inhabitants and eventually gets her hands on the diary of one of their ancestors, Joan Martyn.

It is with great sadness that we are having to reduce the number of guests who can stay at our property from the 14th September 2020.

We can only accept bookings for groups of no more than 6 unless you are 1 household and a support bubble of more than 6 but max of 8.  Our main focus is to keep you and our staff safe during these uncertain times.  If you do place a booking with us and exceed the max of guests allowed, you are breaking the law and we will ask you to leave our property.  Please stay safe and we hope to see things back to normal soon. 

Any guests who have already booked and may be effected will be able to move their dates, please see our terms and conditions on cancellations. We are dealing with guests who are due to arrive in the next  two week period only from the last announcement.